Nyro Research India
Machine Learning in Drug Discovery & Materials Science

Nyro Research India
is here to assist and support you in
Aging and Longevity
using Drug Discovery and Machine Learning Approaches.

We focus to combine these techniques to innovate a new method to drug discovery that might help cure more people, at an affordable cost.
About our mission
Over the past decades, discovering drugs
has become increasingly more difficult and expensive,
leaving many people with significant unmet requirements.

Combination of techniques currently allows to construct, perturb, and observe
biological model systems, allowing the generation of biological data at broader scale. At the same time, the tools of data science and machine learning are
now solving problems previously thought
tto be decades away from solution.
>Projects by us
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
SAR Modelling & Anti-Ageing Area
Novel chemical entities designed virtually for several anti-aging properties using SAR and in-silico methodologies
QSAR Modelling Challenges
Challenges in statistical and physical relevance towards the property, the training data and the test data.
We represent software for computational materials science, chemistry in modelling and simulation from SCM, Netherlands
Objectives and services
Training on specific skill sets and research objectives
SAR Modelling
All our professionals have more than 5 years of experiences and models are validated with external datasets. and working on few SDGs
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is our focused approaches to solve modelling challenges for better productivity.
Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery is much evolved and we are yet to find a solution for a cost effective drug.
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist with scientific and technical support round the clock digitally for computing resources
Interns comes up with meaningful thought process and brainstorm for many unanswered questions.
Applicability Domain
Considering a diverse set of data we wanted to expand the coverage of predictive capacity.
Science of Relevance
More than quantifying the data analysis we wanted to focus on significance and the relevance.
Our approaches should be reproducible and reliable with data enrichment as when the data gets updated.
Journey of Nyro Research India with its research and development plans.
Aug '19 - Journey Started
Jan '20 - Incorporated
Mar '20 - StartupIndia-GoI (DPIIT) Recognised
Mar '20 - Research on Antimelanogenic Compds. in LifeSciences
Apr '20 - Licensed CADD tools for COVID-19
Apr '20 - Grammarly Affliate for Interns
Jul '20 - Review on Aging Target in CBDD
Aug '20 - Kerala StartUp Mission-GoK Recognised
Sep '20 - Incubated at RGCB's BioNest Kochi
Oct '20 - Recruited 14 interns for various projects
Jan '21 - Candian Representation
Jan '21 - Benchmarked ML models for Aging Biomarkers
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or collaborate, please feel free to write us
Our ecosystem
Meet our leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Jyothi has an experience of 25yrs into the business domain.
Founding Member & Patron
Experienced Business man since 70s through Nyro Products Estd. 1972 and Kisko & Co. Estd. 1979. He will be our Patron and a Board Member of Nyro Research.
Ajay is the reason finder. He spends hours to make our science in ageing. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can write to him.
Data Modeller
Ambili is the voice of our brand. She spends hours to make our science in ageing. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can write to her.
Data Scientist
CNN, DL, ML, HMM expert with 13yrs of experience in Data Analytics
Visiting Scientist - External
14+yrs of experience in computational science undertaken industry projects including 2 US patents and several publication in the domain area.
Girija is one of the Director and has an experience of 20yrs in customer service industry. She uses her knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.
Contact us
We try to be friends with everyone, so we are happy to answer your questions.
Indian Office
Reg. Office: Judgemukku, Kakkanad, Kerala. India
We are located in the northern part of the city.
The nearest metro is the Kalamassery.

Lab: RGCB's BioNest, KINFRA, Kochi, Kerala. India
Satellite Office: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

(M) +91 6363927619, (O) +91 484 4868780

For SCM: +91 6364385437


Canadian Office
Ecizor, B10182-800 Steeles Ave W ThornHill, Ontario, CA. L4J 7L2
Cell: +1 470 519 2501

General: info @nyroindia.org
Sales : sales @nyroindia.org
Research : research @nyroindia.org
Support : support @nyroindia.org
(remove the space from email address)

CIN: U73200KL2020PTC061025
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